Embracing Complex Roofing and
Metal Projects

At Superior Roofing we like a challenge. From complex architectural elements and eye catching archways, to the most stunning towers on the Denver skyline, we have brought creative and lasting solutions to each project we have worked on. With projects ranging from hospitals with extensive and complex penetrations, to manufacturing facilities and restaurants that need corrosion and grease resistance; our creativity and “get it done” attitude give you the edge on your next project. Whether we are repairing the roof on an historic building or working atop Denver’s newest and most innovative towers, you can be  assured your project will be done with Superior Roofing.

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Total Building Envelope

Custom Architectural Metal Fabrication and Installation

We install all types of composite wall panels, insulated wall panels, single skin wall panels, and metal roofing. In addition, Superior Roofing has a custom metal fabrication shop on site in Aurora, Colorado. We work with all thicknesses, textures, colors and fabrication techniques to meet the most exacting specifications for your architectural metal project. Our focus on the details of manufacturing and installation means that whatever the parameters of the project, we have the knowledge and experience to excel.

Safety On The Job

At Superior Roofing, safety begins with leadership. Our “Plan for Safety, Plan for Quality, Plan for Productivity” motto is at the heart of our approach. With internal and third-party safety reviews, we have built a perpetual system of checks and balances. Ongoing training, worksite inspection, committees for risk assessment, and mitigation and future planning provide the necessary feedback to inform and drive our commitment to safety.

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Project Spotlight

For the Colorado Health Foundation we provided the roofing, waterproofing and architectural rain screen wall as part of a full building envelope. From the walls out and up, the building is protected by a watertight seal and insulation applied to the walls and roof of the building.

The project specifications called for :

A white EPDM roof – a light and heat reflective low sloped roof.

ACM panels – metal rain screen to protect exterior walls.

Hot Fluid Applied Waterproofing – exterior moisture barrier.

IPE Wood Pavers – providing an exterior rooftop patio.

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At Superior Roofing we are craftsmen and professionals committed to solving the most challenging roofing and architectural metals projects.

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We serve general contractors, architects, building owners and facilities managers in new construction, reroofing, service and building retrofits throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

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We are commited to completing and challenging projects. We believe in bringing our whole selves to work for the betterment of the team, and overall project outcome.

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Plan for Safety, Plan for Quality, Plan for Productivity

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