About Us

Who We Are

At Superior Roofing we understand that who we are brings together multiple elements into an integrated whole. This includes who we are as a company, our goals and objectives, our professional practices, and the clients we serve. It also includes who we are as professionals and employees and the energy and focus we bring to the job. Our organization and our professionalism reflect who we are as individuals and the characteristics we bring to our everyday lives and relationships with others.

At Superior Roofing it’s everyone’s responsibility to pay attention, know what to do, do the right thing, and to move ourselves and our company in a positive direction. Whether it is safety on a job site, our sales processes, project management, maintenance, inspection, repair or manufacturing we bring our sense of personal and collective responsibility to our actions and the work we perform.

Who We Are

  • Craftsmen and Professionals

  • Problem Solvers and Thoughtful Planners

  • Proud Builders and Inventors

  • Thought Leaders and Educators

  • Family Oriented

    Who We Serve

    Superior Roofing serves general contractors, architects, building owners, property managers and homeowners. Through a wide range of roofing types and architectural metal systems, we seal and protect buildings and homes from rain, hail, and wind damage, to create the aesthetics each client and architectural design firm is seeking. We provide coordinated, timely, and safe installation to meet or exceed client expectations as well as code requirements in each municipality and county that we operate in.

    We Believe

    We believe in hard work – in doing things that are hard, not easy. We choose the hard path because we seek the transformation that this process creates in our lives. We believe in sharing the rewards of our work. These rewards are financial, but also personal, professional, and spiritual. We believe in sharing our profits. We believe in the value of people. We support the goals and aspirations of our team and those of our clients.


    We believe each team member brings a unique set of skills to our company – and that we are all more valuable to this company and ourselves when we can bring our whole (messy) selves, skills, and talents to our work. We believe and expect that we all are adults, and that we are smart and motivated.

    We believe in getting along, working together, and bringing all of our ideas and skills to benefit our company.

    We believe that it is through teamwork that we maintain safety, have fun, develop client-centered solutions and create the stable, successful company for which we all strive.

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    14700 E 39th Ave
    Aurora, CO 80011

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