Waterproofing Services by Superior Roofing

Construction waterproofing has seen significant expansion and innovation in the last decade. Today, an entire building – including the roof, roof-top exterior walls, paver decks and amenity patios can be waterproofed.

Waterproofing can provide protection and increase the longevity of many types of building materials saving you money in the long run and preventing the headache of dealing with leaks or water damage.

Superior Roofing has the knowledge, skill and experience to address waterproofing needs for the full envelope of your building.

Hot Fluid Applied Waterproofing

Hot applied rubberized asphalt is an innovative product that has reshaped the waterproofing industry. Some materials consist of a 100% solid blend of asphalt, synthetic rubber and fillers, that together strengthen the flexible material, providing a strong, resilient barrier to moisture.

Superior’s experienced team has the knowledge and equipment necessary for proper application of hot fluid waterproofing.

Cold Fluid Applied Waterproofing

Rubberized materials that are temperature resistant, flexible and low in volatile organic compounds can be applied to exterior walls or over the substrate. This increases your building’s resistance to moisture penetration. The material is applied in multiple coats during construction.

Cold fluid applied waterproofing provides a strong barrier to moisture intrusion without the added necessities of kettles to heat the material. Insulation and an exterior rain screen can be applied on top of the waterproofed surface.

Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing (FARR)

FARR (Fluid Applied Reinforced Roof) System’s result in a seamless monolithic membrane making servicing and maintenance easy and it can be resurfaced, extending the life and warranty of the roof indefinitely. Other benefits of a FARR system are that it can be applied over BUR, Mod Bit, Single Ply, Metal Roofing, Sprayed Polyurethane Foam and Gravel roofs, and it is a water-based system which means every part of the installation process is non-toxic and harmless to the environment and it will not affect employee/tenant productivity due to fumes.

Architectural Concrete Pavers

Architectural pavers are modular systems designed to add patio and amenity decks to rooftops, overhangs, courtyards and more. The benefit is that the deck is raised above a drainage system, allowing for a flat surface to walk on while resisting ponding and damage to your roofing and drainage system from foot traffic. In addition, they provide the texture needed to reduce the risk of pedestrian slips and falls.

With nearly unlimited colors, patterns and styles, Superior can install paver systems to meet the aesthetic and experience you demand in your amenity spaces.

Air Weather Barriers

Air weather barriers keep air and moisture from leaking through a building’s exterior envelope. When air flows through the barrier it can increase mold growth, energy costs and deterioration of building materials. Superior applies all types of air barriers including self-adhering sheets and liquid applied air barriers. We also apply materials that provide a combined air/moisture barrier to the building.

Balcony Sheet Applied Waterproofing

Sheet membranes offer a powerful tool for deck waterproofing. Applied with an adhesive, these prefabricated layers adhere to the substrate beneath them, providing an integrated waterproofing option. A concrete topping is often applied to provide a textured surface for walking.

Superior Roofing has installed balcony systems on hundreds of buildings in Colorado.

Trained in multiple systems

Superior is certified in multiple systems including Carlisle CCW and DOW Thermax. With our experience, we are able to provide your building a total envelope warranty.

Total system warranty available

When you work with Superior we can assemble a package that will include a total system warranty for the full envelope of your building.

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