Our Internal Standards

At Superior Roofing, safety begins with leadership. Our executive leadership team places safety at the pinnacle of our internal success measures.
Each project is run on 3 over-arching principles.

Plan For Safety

Plan For Quality

Plan For Productivity

We see these standards as an extension of who we are and our vision for our business in the world. Each team member is included as a contributor, doing the right thing, identifying risks, and helping to provide solutions in an ever changing and dynamic workplace.
We are all stakeholders in the outcome, and in our responsibility to one another and those in and around our worksite.
We hold ourselves accountable, knowing and performing our craft in an ethical and safe way, and
providing a checks and balances system for continual learning and improvement.”

Internal Safety Officer

Superior Roofing maintains an internal safety officer who plans, coordinates, and inspects for safety on all our jobsites on an ongoing basis. This includes proper Personal Protective Equipment such as hard hats, safety vests, work gloves, hearing protection, ventilation, proper tie offs and more. We inspect worksite cleanliness and materials to protect from drop hazards, materials being blown by wind or stacked in an unsafe manner. We look for trip hazards, fall risk, and proper barriers on our worksites. We photograph worksites for post-production assessments to determine if there are better strategies for upcoming or future jobs.

We also conduct training and coaching of team members, completing all mandatory training, and providing access to supplemental training beyond mandatory minimums.

Third Party Inspections

Our third-party safety partner provides us a valuable second layer of inspection, evaluating our worksites and providing industry insights. Because their experience extends across the construction industry, we receive valuable best practices that give us an edge.

In the instance of a near miss, we receive team retraining to assess events on the work site, review standards and expectations, and to work as a team to mitigate future risks.

Through our partnership we go beyond hazard mitigation to operate as a learning institution. We carry past experiences into ever evolving process-improvement.

Safety Committee

Our safety officer, executive leadership and on site project managers maintain a safety committee to plan, coordinate and execute safety throughout our organization. Through monthly meetings we establish the agenda for the coming quarter, assess existing worksites, and develop internal standards and practices.

We review notes from ongoing touch-base meetings with site supervisors, and review photographs of ongoing worksites.

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