New Construction

Protecting Your New Building

Superior Roofing will work from the studs up to provide moisture protection for your new construction project.

Superior Roofing has access to numerous manufacturers and materials, which allow us to keep your project unique, on budget, and provide our customers with quality workmanship. Our skilled technicians have expertise in:

  • Single ply membranes : TPO, EPDM, PVC
  • Water proofing : hot and cold fluid applied, and sheet water proofing systems
  • Rooftop decks/amenity decks : Architectural Paver decks
  • Deck waterproofing : wood, cement and stone
  • Built-up roofing
  • Total Building Envelope
  • Large scale shingle projects

The Process For Every Job

Our project managing team works with general contractors from sketch through construction and into the final inspection. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, we perform regular check-ins and have a single in-house point of contact for our clients.

Company ownership and teams will collaborate together on every project tom ensure that the standards we work hard to provide are achieved.

Our work on the new UC Health Longs Peak Hospital is an example of our new construction work. The entire build, including the roof, was completed in 13 months. The roof has a unique fleece-back PVC Roof System. We also helped create the standing-seam metal entry archway; providing a bold facade. This unique feature is now used on all UC Health facilities.

Our infrastructure puts us a step ahead

Our sound infrastructure is what makes Superior Roofing a reliable and trust-worthy partner. For the duration of your project, you will have a strong team of project managers and supervisors to keep you informed and updated on the process of your project.

When it comes to safety, we employ a full-time safety inspector and partner with a third-party consultant to provide ongoing checks on our process. We monitor to ensure that each step of the process complies with our high expectations and industry standards.

Superior Roofing has the manpower and equipment needed to complete projects of all sizes and difficulties.

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