Erase Your Roof Damage

Roof damage, whether due to fire, water, hail, or other types of wear; can lead to further damage to your structure a water begins to penetrate through damaged spots. Prompt repairs are always recommended to prevent further damage.

Damage may be corrected through a small repair, or if it is more extensive you may need a larger scale solution. Replacing your roof is always an option, however, if your roof is fairly new, or the damage is isolated to smaller areas, roof restoration may be an option.

Roof restoration may not be a good fit if the damage to your roof is too extensive, or the roof is older and due for replacement due to its age.


Restore or Replace?

Superior Roofing can help you to assess your roof and decide whether roof restoration is a good option.

Roof restoration can be an excellent way to revive your roof at a relatively low cost, compared to a complete replacement. However, if it’s not the best solution for your roof, you may end up needing more repairs or a replacement sooner than later. In those cases, while it is larger investment upfront, replacement will save you money overall.


Benefits of Roof Restoration

Cost Effective

Roof restoration is in general less expensive than roof replacement.

Extends Roof Life

Restorting your roof can make your roof last longer, allowing you to defer replacement.

Environmentally Friendly

Because restoration reuses existing parts of your roof, less materials are required to be replaced, resulting in less waste.

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