Re-Roofing Made Easy for You

Superior Roofing will streamline the process from assessment to installation and partner with you along the way. After we receive your initial call, we will schedule a visit with you at the property to conduct an inspection of the existing roofing system and evaluate the current health and remaining life expectancy (if any). If your existing roof is unsustainable and requires replacement, we will provide you with viable options. We will submit an estimate based on the system requirements for the job, and work with you to refine the scope of work to your building’s unique requirements.

In recent years, hail damage has been a leading cause of roof failure. Even professionally installed roofs can be damaged beyond repair. As a Colorado business, with decades of experience repairing and replacing damaged roofs, we know what these jobs require.

In addition to evaluating the scope of damage and planning repair, Superior will work with you and your insurance provider on hail claims and storm damage to receive the coverage you have paid for. Additionally, we have hail resistant options and can include hail warranty coverage.

Roofing of Saint Anthony

We are bonded and insured to take on any size project. We work with you and your facilities manager on staging and logistics to ensure low or no down time for your facility.

Our logistics, internal safety compliance officer and third-party safety inspectors provide multiple checks on worksite safety to assure the facility continues to safely operate.

Project Breakout: Re-roofing DIA Control Tower

In 2017, Superior Roofing was solicited to bid on the re-roofing of the DIA Control Tower and its adjoining offices. Having roofed the facility during initial construction, we understood the security and logistical challenges this project presented. Our experienced team worked with the FAA to plan for the updated security measures implemented after September 11, 2001, while also ensuring the facility and airport continued to operate normally. Even with these challenges, we were able to provide on time and budget project delivery.


As with all our clients, we will help you budget and plan for future repair and maintenance needs, helping you mitigate surprises in your facilities and maintenance budgets. Finally, we ensure that each of our clients has direct access and interaction with our project managers daily to ensure the project runs smoothly, while allowing your facility to operate normally.


Your roof will eventually fail due to numerous causes; age, environmental pressures, and the lack of care & maintenance. When the roof can no longer sustain the elements, and maintenance & repairs become a losing battle, it is time for a new roof.

Superior Roofing is skilled in commercial roof replacement regardless of the system above your building.

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