Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing systems are the industry standard for the implementation and construction of new and existing roofs. Our system features a 4-layer installation process to ensure fire safety, water proofing, and climate retention. This allows for the creation of iconic and aesthetically pleasing roofs.

The initial layer of material is made of insulation, which helps maintain the climate of the interior of the building, keeping the interior from getting too cold or too warm. The next layer is a fire proof barrier, which is added to ensure stability to the roofing structure and protect the flammable insulation. After this, a waterproofing membrane is applied to prevent liquids from being able to breach the lower levels of the roof. This can warp the insulation and fire proofing; and can lead to leaks into the interior of the structure. Finally, the metal – which can be made from copper, steel, aluminum, or zinc – is installed. These panels come in a unique interlocking system, similar to a puzzle, which makes them easy to install. After all these layers are placed the panels are sealed; finalizing the process and ensuring the entire system and the interior of the building are protected from the elements.

The main benefit of this type of roofing system is in the aesthetic it provides. Metal roofing systems can create an imposing and visually impressive structure.

An example of our work with metal roofing systems is best seen  on the Buell theater roof. The Buell theater is part of the Denver Performing Arts Complex, or DPCA. Built in the 1970’s the complex houses numerous arts venues, and was designed to be a center of cultural life for the city. As such the roof needed to provide not only protection, but stand out and accentuate the modern design aspects of the glass roof over the out door promenade, and the theater itself.

Metal roofing project spotlight :

Project Highlight: Buell Concert hall

Key Points:
  • Metal roofing includes, but is not limited to, a 4-layer installation process
  • Metal roofing gives a pleasant aesthetic to the building
  • Comes with a variety of warranties

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